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Dabwoods vapes have fewer dangers than smoking, which makes sense. Smoking is the leading cause of avoidable death in the USA and is perhaps one of the most harmful things you can do for your health.

Every person who smokes is advised to stop, and the vast majority of current smokers would probably like to give up their habit permanently (if only it were that easy!).

However, what many people are completely unaware of is how vaping or e-cigarettes may be used to help you stop, while also doing so successfully and safely.

Many people mistakenly believe that vaping is just like smoking, even though it may not be as dangerous.the circumstance. Vaping is estimated to be 95% healthier for you than smoking, and its efficacy as a cessation aid means you’re likely to succeed in cutting down or quitting, which is the biggest benefit of all.

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Comparing the costs of vaping vs smoking

Generally, 3000 USD per year. In 2015, the average smoker in the USA smoked 11.3 cigarettes per day. Based on this data, we may estimate that the average smoker constantly spends roughly 1700 USD on cigarettes.
Naturally, this will vary a little for each person depending on their cigarette preferences, where they buy their smokes, and a host of other factors. Regardless, this is a reliable measurement for the average smoker.
Compared to recycled smoke, recycled fume is less dangerous.
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The effects of passing on smoking have been studied for a long time, and the findings show that smoking is and always will be dangerous, not just to smokers but also to others around them.

More than 7000 synthetic chemicals, including 70 recognised cancer-causing compounds, can be found in the smoke produced by tobacco products.

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Given that it may be inhaled by anybody besides the smoker, secondhand cigarette smoke is extremely dangerous. The effects of secondhand smoke on children can result in:

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increased risk of respiratory infections including pneumonia and bronchitis
 risk of ear, nose, and throat conditions
 risk of severe asthma and asthma attacks
 Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS, sometimes known as “bed death”)
Compared to tobacco, there are many more flavours of vape.
There are already a lot less options available to smokers due to the EU’s boycott of seasoned tobacco products in May 2020, however there is essentially no restriction on the types of e-fluid that are available, increasing the experience for both vapers and those around them!
In some places where smoking is prohibited, you can use a vape
Although there are currently no plans to ban vaping indoors altogether, as there have been for cigarettes, many privately owned businesses classify e-cigarettes in the same category as traditional cigarettes, so depending on the laws where you are, you may have to go outside to vape.

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