Our Story

Due to the wealth of possibilities, many people in today’s materialistic atmosphere become confused. As a result, people eventually lose sight of the reason for their being as they wander along various pathways. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, we must understand that “life is like a box of chocolates, and the consequences are often unexpected.” You can never predict what will happen today, tomorrow, or even right now. Living each day as it comes, taking pleasure in it, and never getting lost again is all you can do. But how does one experience the good life?

Try to picture:

You can start to wonder why you are working so hard when you are constantly under deadline pressure. Then, just pause for a moment and grab a LOST MARY; you’ll realise who you are. Life is awesome, therefore there is no excuse to feel lost.
You can begin to feel drowsy after having a wild time at parties or nightclubs. Your heart swells with sadness as you feel out of place among the boisterous gathering. Once you’ve experienced a LOST MARY, you can move on to the next stage of freedom and happiness. Life is awesome, therefore there is no excuse to feel lost.
When you are around your family, you might not feel lost, but you still need to considering that joy has already enveloped you, be ecstatic. Why not keep your options open? Choose a LOST MARY that matches your sense of style, and you’ll be doubly happy.

Uncountable instances comparable to this one might probably be imagined…

The majority of the things we cherish and do could alter because time never stops. We might periodically experience this disorientation, exhaustion, and inability to understand our purpose in life. Life is pleasant and joyful even though there is no escaping it. Get a LOST MARY and relax. The good times are soon to arrive.

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To assist vapers in discovering the joy of their true selves by exploring the depths of their minds and souls.

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Our Vision
To develop LOST MARY as the most distinctive vaping brand, leading the way in fashion.