Dabwoods Disposable

Everything We Do Is To Help Create A Healthier Smoke Free Future For The US’

Our main goal is to offer a healthier substitute for smoking. There are several advantages to switching from smoking to vaping. from improved health, a higher standard of living, and a longer lifespan.

Our Background

 Dabwoodsdisposable, We were first founded as a specialised vape shop that offered vapers better quality products and more choices, but we have now grown to provide the largest selection of vapes available online in the US.
Our goal in operating both online and offline was to serve as a resource for those who prefer to sample before they buy as well as those who live too far away to visit a store. Vape Superstore has expanded significantly since then.
We also debuted our own line of e-liquids this 2023 , available only at our website. Our LA team has grown, and we now have several vape shops throughout LA

We do it because…

Our main goal is to offer a healthier substitute for smoking. There are several advantages to switching from smoking to vaping. from improved health, a higher standard of living, and a longer lifespan. Every action we do aims to make the US a healthier, smoke-free nation in the future.
We hope to affect a shift that prevents people from developing the habit in the first place by assisting existing smokers in quitting and educating the next generation. We are motivated to do this by personal experience. The majority of our staff members used to smoke, so we are familiar with the procedure, the challenges you can encounter, and the fact that each person’s journey will be unique.
It might be an imposing possibility giving up a habit that has been a significant part of your life for a while, therefore we want to make it possible for everyone who wants to make that shift to be equipped with the necessary information and resources.

What is the process?

We don’t just want to be another vape business. We are aware that every single person who enters our store is at a different stage in their vaping experience. We are aware that each person has different needs as they embark on their road to stop smoking, whether you have recently quit or have been vaping for some time. Finding what is best for you is our job. In order to provide you with the finest expert assistance possible, we start from scratch and examine your existing smoking or vaping behaviours. everything from the equipment you require to the nicotine strength and vape juice. We’re not here to offer you the priciest equipment; instead, we’d much rather figure out what will break

provide you the best opportunity to quit smoking and maintain it that way. We’re here to deliver a fantastic shopping experience with our personnel, our expertise, and our wide selection of products whether you buy with us online or at one of our physical stores.

Our Job Is To Find What’s Best For You

We do a lot of research, testing and collaboration with leading industry bodies to bring the latest and best products to our customers. With our flagship store being based in East London, we worked closely with Smokefree Hackney to help them, help others in their quitting journey through the use of vaping as a smoking cessation tool. We’re also proud members of the USVIA (US Vaping Industry Association). The USVIA are there to educate and help facilitate change to enable more people to make an informed decision when it comes to their health and how vaping can benefit them.

Why us?

We want to make the decision to stop smoking simple by offering the best goods at the greatest pricing. When you first begin vaping, there are many things to learn, and visiting a vape shop for the first time can be scary. We ensure that the knowledge of our staff members changes and adapts as quickly as the vaping industry itself by heavily investing in their training. They are all vapers, so they are knowledgeable about the products they are selling you and can provide you with recommendations based on personal experience.

At Dabwoodsdisposable we like to think we’ve created an environment that’s comfortable for everyone. Regardless of where you’re at on your quitting journey, whether you’re just purchasing your first kit or you’ve been vaping for years we want to provide the best support possible. Our main goal is to help get you off smoking, and stay off it for good.